I have just spent a very busy weekend working through the contrast assignment, I had spent the previous week or so thinking through the different options for each category. I tried to treat each subject as photographically as possible, so I photographed the peaches for the Soft picture on a wide aperture in natural light for as soft a finish as possible. I then photographed the brick using flash for a hard finish to enhance its solidity.

For the tree in the Large picture I used a wide lens as close to the tree as possible to make it look as large as I could. I have tried to use as many different styles and techniques to make the pictures varied and interesting, I think the Liquid and Few pictures have the appearance of product or advertising images whereas the Transparent and Intermittent pictures have more of an art feel.

I have very much enjoyed taking these pictures but I did find it quite hard work deciding on the subjects, I made lists of all the categories in my notebook a few weeks ago and wrote my ideas as they came to me under each heading. I tend to find that ideas come to me when I’m thinking about something else completely so I find it handy to keep my notebook handy to jot things down when they occur.

I have also started carrying my compact camera around with me again to use as a visual notebook of locations and also to pick up pictures like the Opaque image in this set. I travel quite a bit in my job so it is handy to be able to take  a quick snap to remind myself of a location.


About gassyman22

I am fifty years old and I am just starting a photography degree online and I have to have a blog, so here it is
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